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These No-Shows Will Knock Your Socks Off

I love socks. Some may say I have a sock fetish. Slipping on a cozy, well-fitting sock that caresses my foot can make my whole day. I have a sock drawer that is overflowing, and unfortunately, many of those socks I never wear because they don’t fit right. So they crowd my sock drawer until I finally toss the rejects in a TJ Maxx bag and put them in the garbage can.

Recently, I discovered a sock brand that did not disappoint. Sheec is their name, and variety and precision is their game. The selection of socks by Sheec abounds. No matter what your need, they have a sock that fits. They even make half socks and a ball-of-the-foot sock cushion called a SockShion for those pumps that start to kill by the end of the day for lack of shock absorption.

Sheec makes low, cut, no-show, nonslip liners for casual shoes with varying heights. They make no-show liners for dressy shoes, and they make them in a variety of colors and sizes. They also make men’s socks, and they have accessories like a mesh laundry bag (to thwart the sock-eater in the washer) and even a foot file for smoothing out those rough spots.  If you can’t find a Sheec sock that works for you, I’m afraid you’ll never find the perfect sock. These guys have thought of every configuration of a tubular knit garment to go inside of a shoe, and you have to wonder who, in the heck, even thought of some of these styles.

They also use premium materials that not only feel good against your feet but also wash well without losing shape. While there are so many variations, it can boggle the mind, these socks have earned a forever home in my sock drawer.