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The Ultimate Smartphone Case Gift Guide

The Best-Case Scenario for Smartphone Cases for Christmas

Lots of people will be getting new iPhones for Christmas, and the first thing they must have is a great case. OtterBox has been my go-to for stylish and highly functional cases since I started carrying a mobile phone – well, maybe my first iPhone, as I don’t think Otterbox was around when I first started carrying my Motorola flip phone with an antenna.

For my new iPhone 14 Pro, I got several cases as I like to switch up things and match my case with my mood or activity. My main case is a clear case, which lets me show off the beautiful deep purple color of my new phone. The sleek Otterbox Symmetry+ Series ($49.95) case is engineered to say clear, which hopefully means it will not turn yellow in six months, which has been my experience with other clear cases. The case also boasts antimicrobial properties that protect the exterior against some common bacteria, but, as the expected Otterbox disclaimer states, “it does not protect you, the screen, or primarily-interior pieces.”

My favorite things about OtterBox are the fit and durability. All the buttons function easily through the casing, and since it is a matter of when and how many times, not “if” I will drop my phone, I like the fact it is drop tested 3x for military standards. My new favorite feature of the Otterbox cases is the MagSafe integration.

The new magnet-attractive rings on the back of the cases are an elegant solution for using a phone with magnetic charging stands and holders. In the past, I used to have to adhere flat metal plates to the phone or inside of the case, which was not only ugly and potentially damaging to the phone’s surface but often not functional, as the magnet could not hold the weight of the case and phone unless in direct contact with the plate, i.e., not through the thickness of a case.

To have a seamless connection between the built-in MagSafe ring and the charger, I got an Otterbox charger stand ($49.95) for my home, usually residing on my desk, and my car ($49.95), affixing with a vent clip. Both stands secure my phone to the holder. The only bummer is that the supplied cable is a USB-Type-C to USB-Type-C, so I can’t use it with my current regular USB multi-port “cigarette lighter” attachment and my home charger blocks that feature multiple USB ports, but we must all adapt to the times at some point.

For when I am active, such as on my bike or hiking, I opt for the Otterbox Defender Series Pro XT case ($69.95). It’s drop tested 5x for military standards and features a two-piece design for added protection and a secure rubber edge grip. Also, it has MagSafe built in and port covers to keep out dust and dirt. Like the Symmetry clear case, this one also features an antimicrobial finish.

For more fancy outings, I carry the Otter+Pop Symmetry Series case ($59.95) with an integrated swappable PopGrip. The only drawback to the holder on the back is that though it is still wireless charging capable, it is not compatible with MagSafe. But it sure looks fun and fanciful.

As always, I am happy with my Otterbox acquisitions. New phone, new look, new accessories, and features that make life a little easier and a smartphone more fun to use.