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No-Hassle Bed Making and Tangle-Free Sleep with SimplfiedBedding


Who knew bed making would be such a chore when I got bunk beds for my son?  Had I known of the daily morning backache and head bumping from making his bed, I would have opted for a trundle.  Thankfully, there is a solution that makes bed-making a lot easier.

Simplified Bedding came up with the genius idea of creating a European-style-inspired duvet cover with a zip-in flat sheet.  With this system, you do not have to take out the comforter and launder the duvet when you change the sheets — you just wash the detachable flat sheet.  This system makes the morning routine go faster, especially since now my 7-year old is making his own bed.

The company conservatively estimates that this system saves at least 8 hours a year the time spent in bed making, but actually, if the time is figured in that you must spend to wash and dry a comforter every month or so, the time wasted would be much greater.

Besides the convenience, really this type of bedding is a lifestyle choice.  I see it that the way we sleep is very personal, and sleep is so essential to our health that anything that makes us sleep more restfully contributes to our overall wellbeing.  For those of us who like to sleep with one leg sticking out of the covers, or for those who cannot sleep a wink when the sheets are tangled, this system gives us a good night’s sleep.

My only wish is that the covers were available in other colors and patterns besides pure white, but maybe designer covers will come in time when this system catches on.  The materials are 100-percent cotton sateen for comfort and durability.  And while the cost is $159 for a twin size, $189 for queen and $209 for king, for me and my son, the ease of making the bed each morning makes the investment well worth it.  Readers can enter the code simple15 at checkout for a 15% discount thorough May 31, 2015.