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My GILT-Y indulgence of food delivery


In the old days, you used to have to have to have an “in” with your local butcher to get deals on the best cuts of beef or the tastiest pork ribs, or you had to go to a seafood purveyor to get the best prices on hard-shell crabs and lobsters, but thanks to GILT City these foods are available at your fingertips and at discount prices that will make your mouth water.

GILT City is a collection of deals for services, events and experiences available in cities across the country. GILT negotiates exclusive offers that their members can access each week. The deals are usually for a limited time, and inventory is limited, so savvy GILT users check the website and the weekly GILT email newsletter for the latest deals to get the best selection as soon as the sales go live.


While many of the services are specific to a city, GILT also has national offers, such as many food delivery deals. I was able to feast for a month with three offers for premium food products which cost me a fraction of the regular price.

From Pig of the Month, GILT offers deals on all-natural ribs, pulled pork, brisket and other gourmet meats delivered to the customer’s door. Deals include the Best of BBQ package for only $65 which includes two racks of Memphis-style baby back ribs, one pound of pulled pork, one pound of pulled chicken, and one bottle of Love Me Tender Memphis barbecue sauce. Other GILT offers include a larger portion of the meats in package called the Big Barbecue Fiesta for $165, or members can get a 50% credit on purchases of $100 and $60. The meats are free of hormones and antibiotics and nitrates, and you can also load up on sauces like cattle King Texas Brisket and Key West Citrus Grilling to slather on to meats at home.

Through GILT’s exclusive offer for Butcher Box, for $89 I got a monthly subscription, which is normally $129. GILT also offers a Steak and Chops Box for $129 or a Beef and Pork Box for $99. I chose their fabulous tasting 100% grass-fed hormone-free and antibiotic-free beef.  Other options included organic chicken and heritage breed pork. Each box comes with 7 to 10 pounds of meat, which is enough for at least 20 individual meals at a 5- to 8-ounce portion size and averages less than $6.50 per meal. After you place an order, it’s delivered free in 2 to 5 days.

For those not lucky enough to live close to Maryland and have access to the state’s famed blue crabs, GILT CITY offers a number of deals for crabs, as well as lobster, through Harbour House Crabs, a family owned seafood company. For instance, they offer 30 Maryland blue crabs for $109, which is a half bushel. The crabs are delivered straight to your door seasoned, steamed to order and shipped the same day for freshness. Also through GILT they also offer Surf and Turf or two for $59 and Dinner for Two for $79, and my favorite, eight Maine lobster tails for $79.

The cost savings on these deals is one major part of the appeal, but for me, the convenience of having these foods delivered to my door is a huge draw. Not only are the products superior from what I could get at the local market, I save time by ordering online and getting them shipped direct.

Now if GILT could only make a deal with our local farmers markets for produce for my side dishes, then I would never have to leave home again.