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Product review

Momentage Shares You Memorable Moments, with Beauty, Elegance and Privacy Controls

For my fellow mom bloggers who are inseparable from their smartphones, constantly taking photos to post on social media — no longer must you choose a single image to share, thanks to Momentage, the new instant photo sharing app in town.  Momentage is a one-of-a kind platform that allows up to 15 uploads at a time to create collages of moments, hence, the name “Momentage.”


Quantity is a huge advantage over other sharing apps, but Momentage also adds quality and creativity to instant posts, combining still images, video and SoundImagesTM in a beautiful and elegant format.

It’s understandable that Momentage is drawing a community of amateur photographers, but it’s also a refuge for anyone who wants to craft and share their special moments — with family and friends, groups or the community at large.  Part of the beauty is the gorgeous layout, starting with the Discover page spotlighting featured users; and another layer of beauty is in the posts themselves which encompass everything from breathtaking sunsets to cute Chihuahuas and foodies’ fantasies.


Lastly, the beauty of Momentage is in its community.  As their tagline promises, Momentage is a community for new creatives, which is open to interpretation, but which I believe means creative spirits who have embraced technology and social media to express themselves. The community is overall friendly, supportive, inspiring and, of course, creative.

The app offers a lot that its competitors do not, like up to 30 seconds of video and the ability to record sound under photos. These options are in addition to an assortment of filters and effects.  Unlike other apps that make you choose just one image, Momentage allows you to use multiple images and upload up to 15 photos at a time. You can continuously add to a moment and have the option to edit or delete individual photos if you are not satisfied with a post.

Even if you just want to capture moments to keep private for yourself, Momentage is the app for that.  Best of all, I don’t have the worry about posting publicly and opening myself up to snide and snarky comments.  In fact, I’m impressed with the level of civility and support I see in remarks, including artistic feedback and advice, from, “Love it, your photos are amazing,” to the most common and very simple, “Beautiful.”