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Innovation in jeans

Seven for All Mankind enhances the shopping experience with a smart store


You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing mom jeans, so why shop at your mother’s boutique? For a truly next-generation jeans shopping experience, step into 7 for All Mankind, the brand known equally for its innovation as its premium denim products. The 7 for All Mankind Century City Store in Westfield Mall, which opened in summer 2018, joined more than 100 retail store locations worldwide, across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, to carry the namesake quality jeans and apparel, with a store aesthetic worthy of the luxe, celebrity-favored brand.

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If you wonder how clothing brand could design a mall shop that could be called state-of-the-art, prepare yourself for the Jetson-like fitting experience that utilizes a giant touch screen monitor to find your perfect style and fit. The interface display technology allows customers to shop by their desired type of fit, suitable for their body type; or by the type of occasion for which they want to wear the jeans.

Shoppers can view denim styles on an on-screen model and learn about the fits. Once the customer has selected their denim of choice, an area in the wall will illuminate directing the customer to their perfect fit. Of course, if you prefer, sales associates are on hand to offer personal assistance.


When I input my ideal jean fit and style, I was guided toward the Slim Illusion Luxe, a dark tapered-to-the ankle skinny jean make with an ultra-soft brushed denim that featured the most supple and velvety texture inside and out that I had ever worn. The sizing was one size smaller than I usually wear, which a store associate assured me to try anyway, because of the stretch and retention of these jeans, which gave me a perfect fit that was incredibly comfortable.


To enhance my shopping experience further, in the fitting room I could try on clothes to my own private playlist from the streaming service of my choice, from my smartphone; and I could select from three options to alter the mood and ambiance of the fitting room with lighting.


The idea of the retail experience is to personalize the visit in every way possible, to make each customer feel like a VIP. This theme of customization is carried through with monthly in-store embroidery events, so you can get a truly unique pair of jeans made just for you.


While I generally rush through trying on clothes and aim to get out of a store as quickly as possible, I felt relaxed and pampered at 7 for All Mankind, in no hurry to leave.


You may think a store, is a store, is a store, and the shopping environment does not matter, but “Sevens” did not have this attitude when they designed this latest retail location, which provides not just a backdrop to shop but an experience, and it sets the brand apart from its brick-and-mortar competition. This is what a trendsetter is truly about.