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The Simplicikey Electronic Deadbolt Defends Against Distraction Burglaries

Hi-Tech Deadbolt Uses Remote Control, Keypad or Key for Entry


With a spate of so-called “distraction burglaries” and other break ins across Los Angeles, many residents are seeking ways to enhance their home security.  Simplicikey, a new hi-tech deadbolt that uses a remote control keyfob or a keypad code for entry, offers a solution.

In the case of distraction burglaries, where a tag-team of home robbers pose as inspectors or repairmen in order to lure a homeowner outside while an accomplice enters and robs the unlocked home, the Simplicikey offers a fool-proof answer.  Rather than leave the door unlocked because it is too inconvenient or awkward to go inside to retrieve keys, a homeowner can easily lock the door using the key pad, then step outside, leaving the home secure.

Besides added security, the remote control access option offers additional convenience features, such as unlocking of the deadbolt with the push of a button.  For parents of young children who are often carrying babes in arms, car seats, a diaper bag and other accoutrement, the Simplicikey remote control deadbolt makes for easy entry without having to rearrange or set down a child or baggage in order to insert a key.  Of course you will still have to wrangle a hand free to turn the knob, or send an older child ahead to open the door.

SimpliciKey Fob in 300 dpi rgb

For households where babysitters, housekeepers, handymen and other contractors need temporary access the home, the Simplicikey allows homeowners to give these workers a custom alphanumeric code to accommodate their visits.  Up to 16 codes can be programmed, and codes can be deleted when no longer needed.  Codes can similarly be used to eliminate the need to distribute spare keys to in-laws, neighbors and others who might need access to the home, such as in an emergency.  The keypad method of entry also eliminates the need to cart along keys when out for a walk or exercise.

While the lock appears from the outside to be a traditional lock, it is loaded with tech features.  The key pad is backlit so that the numbers and letters can be read in the dark, and when pressed, the buttons on the keypad sound a tone — which can be programmed to a quieter tone if desired.  When the lock is opened or closed electronically, a high-intensity blue or red LED bar at the top of the deadbolt illuminates, and the lock mechanism emits a beep to confirm the lock is engaged or unengaged.  If the door does not close properly or otherwise the lock does not fully engage, an error tone will sound.

The lockset unit is powered by four (not included) batteries concealed in a compartment on the interior casing of the lock. The encrypted keyfob has a maximum range of up to 50 feet.

The heavy-duty all-metal lockset comes in polished brass, satin nickel and aged bronze finishes to match and complement existing door hardware.

Installation is easy and can be done with just a screw driver, if Simplicity is replacing a standard deadbolt.  If your old deadbolt hole is an odd size of less than a 2” round circle, you may need a handyman or locksmith to drill out the correct size hole.  The set comes with the option of a regular strike plate, or you can install the included strike box for added security.  The Simplicikey also features a failsafe keyed lock.


The Simplicity set is priced at $199.99 to $249.99 at online and retail stores including,, The Home Depot stores, Costco (Satin Nickel finish only at this time), and   Additional keyfobs pairs are $49.99.