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Making a Sweet Cup of Coffee for Valentine’s Day

ImageEven non-coffee drinkers — and yes, for those addicts who can’t imagine it, there are people who do not imbibe — need to know how to make coffee.  Coffee cannot be avoided.  It’s part of our vernacular, meaning, “Let’s talk,” or, “Let’s get to know each other,” when someone says, “Let’s get a cup of coffee.”  And even more crucial, it is a gesture of love to make coffee for your sweetheart, especially on Valentine’s Day. Whether you are half of an old married couple, or waking up next to a new best squeeze, making coffee for your Valentine is a sure way to show you care.  Here are a few ways to win your lover’s heart, when it comes to coffee.

  • Get a special coffee mug for Valentine’s Day so that every time your sweetheart drinks from that cup, thoughts of you are on his or her mind, and lips.
  • Keep your sweetheart’s favorite blend in the cabinet and never run out.  Any proper coffee addict knows, a good morning starts with a good cup of coffee, or it’s not going to be a good morning.
  • Even if you are not an early riser, prepare the pot to brew first thing in the morning, so it will be hot and waiting when your sweetheart awakes.  Better yet, set the timer so it will be ready a few minutes after the alarm goes off.
  • Take a little extra effort to make your sweetheart’s coffee just that much better.  Go rich and buy the premium beans — it’s worth it and shows you care enough to buy the best for him or her; grind the beans just before brewing for extra fresh flavor; use filtered water for purist of taste; and brew a new pot if it’s been sitting a while.
  • Give your sweetheart a coffee maker for Valentine’s Day. While there are many fancy and expensive brewing systems, you can get a great coffee maker for a reasonable price that can make an excellent pot of coffee, like KRUPS KM611850 12-Cup Coffee Machine.  It features an oversized shower head to evenly deliver hot water to ensure even flavor extraction, a flavor control aroma selection, a programmable clock to set the daily start time with auto-off and dual auto-on presents, and a Duo Filter water filtration system.  It also looks sharp in any kitchen with a black and stainless steel finish. $69.90, available at retail locations nationwide and