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Bento Boxes: The Stylish Solution for Kids’ Knick-Knacks

Kids keep the darnedest things.  Every movie premiere souvenir, preschool party favor, seashell from the seashore and arts and every rubber bug, toy car, action figure doll, broken or not.  So where does one store all of these tchotchkes and keepsakes? 

Dump the eyesore of plastic tubs for a storage solution that is fun and functional for kids as it aesthetically acceptable to parents.  Rubbermaid may be known for its food containers, but its Bento Boxes have earned it a place at the designer table.


The Bento Box collection features a durable hard CARB-certified MDF board covered with high-quality easily cleanable polyester.  The boxes, in small, medium, large and extra large, can be stacked or sit side by side.  They look great with our without the Topper lids, which double as trays to hold additional items, and the various sized boxes can fit inside each other for storage.

The boxes are so sturdy they could serve as an end table, and they are so decorative, they can sit out rather than be stored away in a closet.

Ingenious pop-out Flex Dividers offer the option to create compartments for organized storage, or they can stay folded away along the interior of the box when not used.   Colors include deep red Paprika, neutral off-white Loose Linen and tastefully dark beige patterned Chadwick.  Bento Boxes are available at and specialty and selected Retailers.  Prices range from $8.99 to $25.99.